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Eugenio Recuenco – Fashion Photographer

October 20, 2010

Eugenio Recuenco is a Spanish photographer who makes his photography seem to tell a story. The photography is very narrative within itself and some of it seems to encorperate characters into a modern day photograph. Recuenco did a fashion shoot for the spanish Vogue magazine using the idea of fairy tale characters. Examples of this follow:

This is a modern day version of Little Red Riding Hood, the subject has a red outfit on and this draws our eyes to her immediately as the rest of the photograph has neutral colours. Recuenco gives this photograph a twist by making the clothes very fashionable. This would definately sell the outfit as the model looks very important and dominating, yet at the same time wary. i think the wolves in the photograph add a lot as they seem to behave quite calmly, like common dogs and this seems to give the impression of power to the woman.

Another is taken from the fairy tale ‘the pied piper of Hamelin’ who played a flute and got rid of the rats in the town because they were hypnotized by the sound.

Apart from the piper herself, the women in this photograph appear very trance like. the floaty clothing suggests that they are helpless and dainty and this contrasting with the stern colours in the pipers outfit shows that they are being taken advantage of. i like the way that although the women are not in a line, they create one by where they are standing, meaning that the eye travels to each one from left to right and this tells the story of the piper putting the women under a spell.

My other two favourites are ‘snow white and the seven dwarves’ and ‘beauty and the beast’

Both these photographs do not tell a story, but capture the story within the photograph. For snow white, the scene where she is in her glass coffin is the tuning point of the story and so to capture the essence of the love the characters feel for her i think he decided to use it for his photograph.

Everything in the photograph is of a neutral colour except for snow white. she is dressed in white and this captures her purity. Recuenco also includes the bitten apple, which again is another part of the story that is significant. by adding a dwarf into the photograph Recuenco shows the dismay and hurt that is felt by the characters for the loss of their friend, without cluttering the shot.

Beauty and the Beast is shown well as it is an unusual way of portraying the story line.

the colour blue is used in the photograph to show peacefulness. the ‘beauty’ in the photograph is looking up at an ugly painting, but the facial expressionshows she is clearly smitten. the size of the painting seems to portray the dominance of the man, however the lack of his presence might suggest that he is perhaps insecure. the photograph is subtle but still shows the entire concept of the fairytale.

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