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November 17, 2010

Scaramouche knows her own mind very well and is a confident girl who is constantly bullied. she creates a very hard skin which Galileo manages to penetrate and create a softer side to her.

in this photo the stance and the eyes show the hardness and confidence that scaramouche has within herself. i think this is a strong picture and i particularly find the eyes penerating.  the crossed arms show her defensivness and the wall she as a character has built up within herself .

Like Galileo, this is from Scaramouche’s first solo song and it shows the pain and raw passion for what she’s feeling.

the song is “somebody to love”  and it stresses the hard life she is having with all the stresws of being an outsider.the phtography shows a strong powerful stance but with a weakness of passion and upset in her facial expression.

the photography again depicts a direct pose from the musical at the very end when they find the lost instruments. Scaramouche jumps in the air, showing the passion for music and the joy tht she has finally restored everything to normal, where she is not an outsider. i decided to catch this in mid jump rathe than have her strumming the guitar on the floor as it put moe energy into the pose and it shows the wild side of scaramouche.

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