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Art from Art, my take on Erwin Olaf’s clowns.

January 4, 2011

Earlier on in my blog i studied Erwin Olafs collection of photographs depicting some sullen clowns. their makeup is mainly white based and then there was dark makeup around the eyes and on the cheeks to give a depressing  feel with scarlet lips to make it more dynamic and powerful. these are the photographs i took with my interpretation:

In each of these photographs, i tried to capture a different idea,  in the first photograph i just took a basic shot to establish the makup, i made my model smile because the makeup he was wearing seemed very depressing and i thought that the two ideas would juxtapose together well. in the second photograph, i made the focus point in the middle to take away from the eyes and teeth which would be seen usually as the main focus points. the third photograph i tried to make the most beutiful, enhancing the eyes so that they really stand out. in the fourth one i really sharpened the teeth to give a really strong focus on the scariness of the red around the mouth. in the fifth photograph i aimed to try and make him look kind underneath all the scary makeup. the last two photographs are from earlier on in the makeup proccess however i feel that they added interesting facial expressions and they relate well to Erwin Olaf’s pictures, especially the 6th where stubble can be seen through the makeup like in one of his photographs and the makeup seems quite powery, thick and grainy.

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