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Digital manipulation – Elphaba

January 6, 2011

i decided to use everyday objects to represent the ‘makeup’ side of characters from musicals.

to create the character of Elphaba i thought i could use a green apple because i though it would give a good texture rather than the flat texture of something that was just green.

to do this, i frst of all airbrushed my model so that she would have a smotth face to manipulate the apple to.

after this i made a new layer and put the apple ontop of my models face. i had to resize it so that it would cover all the places needed. then, using a low transparency, i matched up everywhere that needed to be green.

after this, i then made a layer mask and painted over all the skin coloured parts of my model so that it would appear like she had green skin.

i played around with different hues and the brightness and contrast to try and get a more ‘magical’ green as the character represented is a witch.

all of this then made the final outcome, which i feel worked in some areas. however, it was difficult to create shadowing in the skin that would have ordinarily been there.

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