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Cats makeup, digital manipulation.

January 7, 2011

for my second digital maniuplation, i chose to try and recreate the idea of makeup by taking a picture of my cat and putting it on my models face in order to recreate the makup from ‘cats’. i tried two different ideas, the first being the cats faced imposed onto the human body completely so the only idea of a human is the hair, neck and clothing around. the second idea was the use of the cat on the face but with it slightly less opaque so that the features of both faces can be seen equally. i chose to do this because i felt that the respresentation of makeup is not shown by just changing the face comepletely because human features cant be changed. i did both of these by using the ‘layer mask’ tool so that it was easy to control where and how much of the cat was put on the models face.

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