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Observations from my shoots

January 6, 2011


Makeup ideas for my final piece.

January 5, 2011

the makeup i will be trying to reinvent will be from CATS. this is because it is the musical that requires the most delicate and detailed makeup, i will be looking at digital manipulation and non digital manipulations to try and recreate CATS, from these insiprations:

Final idea.

January 4, 2011

For my final idea i am going to take photographs using makeup and digital manipulation. this means that i will take a character from a musical and try to recreate their personality through makeup and digital manipulation to see the different effects they give. i think the end result of the project will be interesting and it changes the idea of how makeup is used in musicals. i think it will be difficult to try and portray the character through the different ways of manipulation but i think it will give a pleasing end result.

Art from Art, my take on Erwin Olaf’s clowns.

January 4, 2011

Earlier on in my blog i studied Erwin Olafs collection of photographs depicting some sullen clowns. their makeup is mainly white based and then there was dark makeup around the eyes and on the cheeks to give a depressing  feel with scarlet lips to make it more dynamic and powerful. these are the photographs i took with my interpretation:

In each of these photographs, i tried to capture a different idea,  in the first photograph i just took a basic shot to establish the makup, i made my model smile because the makeup he was wearing seemed very depressing and i thought that the two ideas would juxtapose together well. in the second photograph, i made the focus point in the middle to take away from the eyes and teeth which would be seen usually as the main focus points. the third photograph i tried to make the most beutiful, enhancing the eyes so that they really stand out. in the fourth one i really sharpened the teeth to give a really strong focus on the scariness of the red around the mouth. in the fifth photograph i aimed to try and make him look kind underneath all the scary makeup. the last two photographs are from earlier on in the makeup proccess however i feel that they added interesting facial expressions and they relate well to Erwin Olaf’s pictures, especially the 6th where stubble can be seen through the makeup like in one of his photographs and the makeup seems quite powery, thick and grainy.

Erwin Olaf’s Clowns

December 30, 2010

Erwin Olaf is a photographer from the Netherlands, he has worked for such brands as Levi’s and Nokia before.

His ‘clowns’ are exceptional work, and are all of diferent people, which makes them interesting as in some cases they look a lot like women when they are actually men. they can be linked to the french ‘Pierrot’ dolls, using the same clown style makeup as the dolls (pale faces and blush with distinctive eye make up).

Pierrot Dolls

December 16, 2010

A Pierrot Doll is a certain style of porcelain doll, that has a very beautiful but pale face and usually has a teardrop painted onto the side of its face. this originated from a french character called ‘Pierrot’ who was a fool and a comic in french pantomime. The teardrop symbolises Pierrot’s heartbreak as athough he is a comic character, he is pining for his love and so is commonly known as ‘the sad clown’.

The character commonly has a white, painted face and the teardrop is mostly painted in black, the doll is made from porcelain and both the character and the doll wear baggy clothes with large buttons down the front, they are sometimes also known to wear a conical hat.

Creating my own ‘Cats’ poster

December 12, 2010

while i was investigating the musical posters, i thought it’d be appropriate to design my own. i used my own image of a daning cat and then used the magnetic lasso tool to draw round the character and and then copy him onto a background of a dingy street, which i chose in order to make more of a reference to the poems, which take place on the streets of England. i chose to keep the signature yellow writing and chose the ‘chiller’ font in order to get as close to the orginial writing :